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*Выбрав аутсорсинг персонала - вы будете сосредоточены только на основном профиле вашего бизнеса, на том, что приносит вам деньги

Your benefit

By choosing personnel outsourcing, your business no longer needs an HR department and all the expenses associated with its participation. When transferring personnel in the staff of a recruitment agency, which you pay us at times, the lower the amount that you spend on the maintenance of the personnel department and personnel search. get from this agency services for you free of charge.





Agency guarantee

Check out how we work - We will work for you absolutely free of charge for one calendar month!

This will not oblige you to anything, if you do not want to continue to cooperate, nothing terrible, just refuse.

We will be happy to be of service.

Benefit for your business

1. The agency will assume all legal responsibility for the personnel.

2. We will ensure the maintenance of staffing of workers. (if one of the workers leaves, the Agency will find a replacement).

3. We will conduct a safety briefing at the workplace.

4. We organize an internship.

5. Let's introduce the worker to the position.

Benefits for staff

1. Employment in a prestigious agency.

2. Insurance.

3. Card salary.

4. Free family psychologist.

5. Possibility of concessional lending.

6. Once a year, a 50% discount in health resorts.

We will select any staff that does not require special knowledge and training for an agency fee of 50% of one vacancy salary or free of charge under an Outsourcing Agreement.

*MVR Agency does not set itself the task of working everywhere and with everyone, we are selective in choosing a partner.

Find the right one staff

We will register in the staff of the agency


We will conduct training


We will conduct an aptitude test

Let's induct


We will control the quality of the work of the employee


Let's keep track of working time

We will pay wages

We always strive to do a little more than it's worth, our goal is to be helpful. MVR Agency does not disclose information about its clients to anyone, we respect confidentiality.

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